If you have trauma in your energetic make up (the currents and patterns that determine your experience of daily life) you likely aren't aware of it. What you are aware of is feeling frustrated, anxious, and depressed ALL THE TIME.

You may be aware that your relationships are filled with miscomm...

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Are you thriving in your life? Energy healing supports freedom and happiness. It’s subtle approach gently softens the rough edges that create discomfort in daily life.

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May 16, 2019 – May 17, 2019

Spring is the perfect time to clear spaces that have stuck energy. Do you have a space that feels yucky to you? Or a place in your house where are you had a negative experience that you would like to clear out? Now is the time to bring hope, love, joy, and support into your space.

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I’m passionate about helping people recognize and heal the dynamics of codependency. Once you know what’s happening you can make new choices.

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  • Vibrational Healing

    Healing sessions bring universal healing energy to every area of your life including physical pain, relationships, and uncomfortable recurring patterns. We will employ curiosity and a subtle energy perspective to find an intention that feels expansive and hopeful. Your innate wisdom will guide your healing journey. It is this intention that guides the universal energy of love through my hands when you are on the table. Table healings are hands on and follow a time honored protocol bringing universal loving energy to your bones and energy centers. I am in service to the energy as it comes from the universe to support your intention for healing. The intention you create will bring more peace, harmony, beauty, and joy in your life. Vibrational healing brings light to frustrating patterns, life tasks, challenging relationships and is rooted in practical wisdom.Sessions are 90 minutes.
  • Home Healing Visit

    All life's transitions can benefit from vibrational healing. Are you or a loved one transitioning from this life? I can support you both to find peace in this transition. Our souls know much more than our personalities and have deep love beyond our personality dynamics. Bring an eternal soul perspective and loving energy to your experience of transition. Find peace both individually and in your relationships.
  • Hospital Visit

    For those in hospital or treatment centers. I am honored to serve by bringing vibrational healing to your current residence. Hands on or in person healing can bring peace, compassion and connection during times of illness or distress.I will come to you in the hospital or rehabilitation center. My training as a midwife makes me an ideal person to support you or your loved one in such a vulnerable time.
  • Space Clearing

    Do you have a space that you feel uncomfortable in? Do you hate a room in your house or feel bummed when you walk around your office?Clear out old energy and set a new vibration of love, hope, harmony, beauty, and peace.Do you have a sense of something in your space that you would like to clear out?Clearing is a great way to bring peace to your home, office, business, land, or small group.
  • End of Life Support

    Bring a soul perspective and a deep sense of knowing to your end of life. Transitioning from this life can be filled with peace and deep inner knowing that our soul's journey has purpose and we are loved and connected to all that is. Prepare for the soul's journey through death and into the next phase.Our souls know much more than our personalities and have deep love beyond our personality dynamics. Find peace by understanding your soul contracts and connecting with your loved ones from this deeper level of understanding.


7 months ago
I have been following Janelle‘s work since the beginning. The way that Janelle understands me and works with my needs has been a big part of my personal growth in the last 10 years. I view Janelle as a wise counselor and I reach out to her whenever I need guidance for practical direction and spiritual health.
- Adesina C
5 months ago
I've had a few healings with Janelle by now and I can clearly see some shifts that have occured in a great way. It's almost hard to put it into words; after the first one, hours later at home I had a very cathartic cry for 15 minutes. It was powerful. I would highly recommend a healing with Janelle.
- Jaime F
6 months ago
Janelle holds very real space for what comes up. She helps to shine light into places so that you are able to see yourself more clearly.
- Jeri H

Professional Vibrational Healing

Learn about yourself, the energy that makes up your life and experiences, and receive support to create the life you long for. Your deepest longings are leading you to heal so you can feel hope, faith in yourself and life, and be fulfilled. Book a healing today. 

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